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Why Do You Need a Powerflush?

You’re wasting cash on your central heating

Rust, sludge and limescale causes blockages in your central heating pipework and radiators. This reduces the efficiency and overall heat output on your central heating.

Your radiators are tepid or have cold spots

Sludge build-up leads to cold spots on your radiators, causing your radiators to work harder to heat your home causing you to waste energy.

Your boiler pump is working overtime

Clogged up boilers and pumps cause boiler breakdowns. It’s estimated that 87% of boiler breakdowns are due to dirty central heating water.

How Does a Powerflush Work?


We hook up our flushing machine to your central heating

Our specialist flushing equipment is suitable for all boilers and central heating types.


We let it run for a few hours, pumping the bad stuff out

Boiler safe chemicals are run through, dislodging stubborn rust, sludge and debris


Goodbye nasty sludge and debris. Hello saved cash on your gas bill.

Now the bad stuff has been removed, your boiler will work more efficiently whilst also increasing its long term health.

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